Many marketers are promoting affiliate programs. Your program gives you an affiliate url such as The problem with promoting an affiliate url is that many other affiliates are promoting the same domain name.

In this case it is Many major classified ad sites are blocking these domains. They are not necessarily blocking the domains because they do not like the particular program.

They simply have filters in place to stop the same domain from being posted over and over. They want to avoid massive duplicated ads.
Many Major Affiliate Programs And Redirect Services Are Blocked By Major Classified Ad Sites
The same is true for popular redirect urls such as and Forget about using these redirect services for your classified ad campaigns. They are mainly blocked on most major classified ad sites.

So how do you get around this? Just get your own domain name and re-direct your domain name to your affiliate url. When you place your classified ad submit your unique domain name instead of your long affiliate url or your blocked redirect url.

Your ad will get accepted by many more sites and it looks more professional as well.
The Answer Is To Buy Your Own Domain Name And Redirect Your Domain To Your Affiliate Site
You can get domains from most registrars for about $10. peer year. From your control panel from your domain registration service you can choose to redirect your domain to another url. In this case it will be your affiliate url.

You can reserve your own domain name here.I highly recommend you promote your own domain name instead of your affiliate url on classified ad sites. You will definitely get better exposure for your classified ad if you use your own domain name rather than the raw affiliate url or a popular redirect service.

Here is a video which shows you how to redirect your domain name to your affiliate url: