It is very easy to cancel your service with us. Simply send us an email to and give us your full name and billing email. We will then immediately cancel your membership and confirm by email.

If the services re-bills and you meant to cancel let us know and we will refund the last payment. Many of our customers promote programs for awhile. Then stop promoting for a few months and come back with another program. We value you as a long term customer and we want you to feel confident ordering our services.

You can also call us at 954 839-8684 and say "Hey, Matt please cancel my service for now. Here is my name." If you call please send an email too so we make sure we get your exact email and name spelling. Sometimes it is very difficult to decipher exact names and email addresses and names over the phone.

We will always confirm your cancellation by email.

We thank you for your business and look forward to a long relationship.

Much Success,