Send Out This Email And Earn $148. Per Sale

We now offer a multiple campaign program. This allows advertisers to advertise two programs at once at a discounted rate. Normally an advertiser would simply twice if they wanted to advertise 2 separate programs at once.

With the multiple campaign program the advertiser gets a discount.

To cost to run 2 yearly programs at once for one year is: $297.

The commission on this program for you as an affiliate is: $148.

If you have a list of marketers who are looking for cost effective advertising then here is a letter you can send out to your list and earn up to $148. per sale!

Beginning of sales letter.


Title/Headline: Get 2 Separate Ads Promoted to 1000’s of Ad Pages Monthly!

Body: I have found a terrific service which will promote your 2 separate ads to 1000’s of Advertising Pages each month for an entire year!
Visit here to learn more:

We are talking about promoting 2 of your offers every single day to an ever growing base of high traffic ad sites every for an entire year!

Also Included:

*Your full website or affiliate link will be displayed As a full page log In ad on 60+ high traffic sites 24/7 giving you quality exposure on 1000’s of Advertising Pages Monthly!

*Your ad upgraded to Premium on 60+ high traffic advertising websites. Premium ads are displayed at the top of your category and on the home page of the ad websites.

*Your ads included in 60+ ad credit viewers. Other advertisers get credits for viewing your ads. This can generate 1000’s of views. *Custom clickable image ads made just for your offers.

*10k bonus visitors from our ad network for each campaign.

*Creation of custom html ads for your offers. This is a set and forget. You simply give use your basic ad after you order.

Then we do all the promotion for you! Huge time saver!

Visit here to learn more:

Wishing you much success!


End of sales letter.

You have the option of sending out a broadcast email to your entire list or you can add this sales letter to your autoresponder/email series.

Adding the sales letter to your autoresponder series can give you long term residual income for many months.

If you have not yet registered for our affiliate program you may do so here.

To learn more about our affiliate program see here.

To get banners and more email promo letters see here.


Make Passive Income Giving Away Ebook “30+ High Traffic Websites Where You Can Post Your Affiliate Offers”

We have updated our ebook “30+ Free Ad Sites That Accept Affiliate Offers.” You can re-brand this ebook in a few seconds with our easy to use online re-branders here.

It is Easier Approach to Offer a Free Resource Than it is To Open With A Sales Pitch

The idea is that it is easier to give away a list of valuable advertising resources than it is just to sell somebody something. It is a softer approach. This approach also gives you more credibility because you are offering a valuable resource rather than a sales pitch.

Give Away Your Ebook To All Your Contacts And If People Order From Any of the Link In The Ebook Then You Get Paid!

At the end of this article I am going to give you a number of ideas on how to promote your ebook.

  1. Sign up for free for both affiliate program here and here.
    They each pay 50% commissions. pay ongoing recurring commissions.
  2. . Then visit and you will see this re-brander page:

3.  Input your affiliate ids for both programs and click on Rebrand It!


4.  You will be re-directed to this page where you can download your re-branded version of the ebook. All the links and banners which link to and will be coded with your affiliate links. If anybody clicks on these links and orders then you will receive commissions.

Note that when you download the re-branded ebook it will download automatically to your downloads folder.  You can also use the direct link we provide to promote your ebook. This link will also automatically download the ebook to the downloads folder of anybody who clicks on it.

If you want to shorten the link you can use a service such as or to shorten the url and create a re-direct.

If you want to have a version that people can read online then you can upload the re-braded ebook to Google Docs/Drive, make the link public use the share link provided by Google Drive.

How to Promote Your Re-Branded Ebook

  1. Send an email blast to your list using your Google Docs share link or direct link to your re-branded ebook.
  2. Share your link on social media.
  3. Contact everybody in your email contacts list offering them a link.
  4. Contact everybody in your phone contacts by sms with a link.
  5. Reverse advertising. Contact people who are advertising affiliate offers and give them the ebook.
  6. Contact people who manage affiliate programs like on Clickbank and offer them the ebook as a resource to give to their affiliates.
  7. Create a YouTube video about the ebook and put a link in the description and as a pinned comment
  8. Create a Tik Tok/YouTube Short video about the ebook.
  9. Post to affiliate marketing groups on Facebook every day.
  10. Use the ebook as an incentive for people to join your email list.
  11. Upload your ebook to and other pdf document sharing websites.
  12. Hire this specific Fiverr gig and have your re-branded pdf submitted for you to 20+ document sharing websites.

This article surely gives you plenty of ideas on how to promote your re-branded ebook and it costs nothing to get started. I can’t wait to start paying you affiliate commissions!

Much Success!

Matthew May


How to Get Unlimited Free Advertising Credits on 30+ Websites

You can now get unlimited advertising credits on and 30+ other advertising websites.

Now you can earn credits by viewing other people’s ads on . Then you can use the credits to purchase ad upgrades to make YOUR ads Premium. As a bonus the ads you are viewing are the other Premium ads.

So if you upgrade your ads to Premium, your ads will be displayed in the credits viewer as well. This will give you even more exposure to your ads. You never have to pay for the upgrades. You just need to view some ads, get some credits, then use some credits from you wallet to pay for upgrades.

Here are all the websites where you can view ads for credits.

How to Make Affiliate Commissions Without A Website or List

No list no website no problem!

In this video I am going to show you how to start earning affiliate commissions even if you do not have a website or list.

Many people asked how to get started. Here is a strategy.

1. First make sure you are signed up as an affiliate for

You can sign up here:

You will get an affiliate link something link this:

2. Then go to:

Where is says “Enter your registered affiliate “username” well, enter your username for Then click submit.

This will populate all the banners and sales letters with your exact affiliate link.

We are going to be using the sales letters down below.

3. Now I want you to sign up for these 3 safelists:

European Safelist:


Safelists allow you to send our your sales letter to a list of subscribers who have agreed to receive your offers.

The great thing about safelists is that all these people are looking for more traffic to their offers. And that is exactly what we offer at!

I suggest starting with Europeansafelist.

4. Copy and paste one of the letters from our affiliate tools section into the credit mailer.

Personalize with your information.

5. Put your affiliate link in the credit mailer area.

6. Then click send. That is it!

Some safelists allow you to post every day. Others every 3 days.

In any case I suggest posting every day.

You can also use a different letter every day.

Our affiliate tools section has over 7 sales letters for you to use.

The key is to do this for one month consistently.

Just posting one email then waiting for results is a losing strategy. Give yourself at least one month of consistent promotion before evaluating this method.

You can log into your affiliate tools section and see your visitors. There are even ways using keywords to track where the visitors come from.

Do not limit this strategy with just these safelists. Research and find other ones that people are doing well with.

This strategy is just to get you started. Do not wait until everything is perfect.

Get going with this and stay subscribed to both our newsletter and YouTube channel.

We will be giving you more tutorials in future emails and videos.

I can’t wait to start sending you commissions!

Matthew May

Copy Our Profitable Affiliate Email Funnel For Free!

In this video I am going to show you how to copy the exact same email funnel that has produced 1000’s of sales of our popular,,

I am also going to show you how to set up a simple email capture page that will cost you next to nothing.

Stay to the end of the video and I will give you ideas on how to promote your landing page.

Please subscribe to my channel.

First you need to sign up for free for the following affiliate program

If possible use the same username for each. If you already have signed up you can just use the usernames you already have chosen.

  1. Sign up for a free account with Aweber
    if you do not already have one. It is free for up to 500 contacdts
  2. Create a list
  3. Go to Automations/Campaigns
  4. Go to Create a Campaign
  5. Import a Campaign
  6. Under please import campaign sharing code put: d29c84b9-03bc-4f76-a5e7-b3698c296624
  7. Go to your list, Campaigns

Click on the individual messages and customize each link to your affiliate link.

For example if your affiliate link for is:

Then wherever it says
add your user id “marysmith” in this case to the end of the link.

When you see links like:
add your affiliate user id for that program to the end like:

You do not have to do all the messages. There are a lot there. Just start with the first 7 to get going.

You want to start marketing right away.

Next you will need a landing page. Aweber allow you to make a simple but effective landing page.

Click landing pages/Create a landing page. Under template choose “Advocate:

Follow the directions in the video as to how to set up the landing page.

You will get a url like this:

I suggest either getting your own domain name at and re-directing to this url or getting a shorter url at

Now it is time to promote your link. Here are some ideas.

  1. Send an email to your opt in list
  2. Post this link on all social media sites
  3. Promote this link on safelists like Europeansafelist email-hog and Herculist every single day.
  4. Contact everybody in your email contacts and let them know you have some free software
  5. Send a text message to everybody in your phone contacts.
  6. Use the software yourself, and create your own YouTube video tutorials. Put a link to your landing page in the description
  7. Upload the same videos to Facebook with links to your landing page
  8. Create Tik Tok and Instagram videos promoting the software.
  9. Use Osclass Submitter to post ads every day for free promoting the free software.

This is just a start! After you have done all this let me know and I will give you more ideas.

How One of Our Top Affiliates Has Earned 414 Commissions Using Herculist (Herculist Review)

How One of Our Top Affiliates Has Earned 414 Commissions Using Herculist

I was going through the stats on the Classified Submissions affiliate program to find out how my top affiliates are generating commissions. This is a screenshot from the affiliate stats page of an affiliate who has consistently earned affiliate commissions:

There are pages and pages of stats like this. This affiliate has earned 414 commissions so far.

One Affiliate Has Earned 414 Commissions and Herculist is One of His Primary Traffic Sources

I had tried Herculist before and found it a bit awkward to navigate. I still have a membership. However, it seems like Herculist is capable of driving solid traffic and conversions for the make money from home market and advertising for the work from home market.

So let’s look at how you can use Herculist to generate affiliate commissions.

Herculist is basically a credit safelist and advertising exchange.  Herculist also provides the opportunity to purchase solo ads. Here are some of your options to get traffic to your affiliate link with Herculist:

Herculist Advertising Method #1 . Send Out Solo Mailing Using The Credit and Regular Mailer

If you come is as gold member you can send your ad out every day using the regular mailer. They say the list 282,104. I believe they have a list that big. I do not believe they are going to send your ad out every day to a list that size.

But this is not a problem. They still are going to send your ad out to a reasonable number of people for what you paid. And you can send your ad out every day.

Then there is the credit mailer. The credit mailer is more effective than the  regular mailer. With the credit mailer recipients receive a link they can click to visit your website. If they click the credit link and visit your website for a certain amount of time then they receive credits.

They can use these credits to send out their own credit mailer.

What I like about the credit mailer is that for sure you will get eyeballs. Sure they just clicked to get the credits but if you have a very strong offer that appeals to the work from home audience then some people will click and even buy.

Keep in mind I am reviewing this source because one of my affiliates has made 414 sales using this as one of his main sources of traffic!

The catch is that you have to have enough credits to send out a mailing. You need 500 credits minimum to send out a credit mailing. You earn the credits by viewing other people’s ads for 5 seconds if you are a gold member, 15 seconds for free and lower tiered memberships.

You can earn credits by clicking links in credit emails, viewing “blurbs” and just viewing ads. The timer goes quickly and you can rack up credits very quickly.

Herculist Advertising Method #2 -Log In Ads And Solo Emails

You can also just purchase advertising from Herculist. One option is the log in ad. Your full page landing page will be displayed to everyone who logs into Herculist for a certain amount of time. Say 12-48 hours.

Herculist Advertising Method #3 Contact Email Solo Email Packages

Contact email solo email packages are different than using the regular mailer and credit mailer. These are solo emails to the CONTACT emails of their members. These emails are not bombarded with advertising messages like the LIST emails. You will get a much better response sending a solo email to the CONTACT email rather than the LIST email.

Herculist boasts a contact list of over 80,000 members.

Herculist Advertising Method #4 HercuBlurbs

You can also purchase what they call “Blurbs.” They look like this:

Blurbs are sprinkled around the site. Members are incentivized to click on the blurbs with credits. Yes, Herculist is a bit of a circular firing squad but hey it works!

The Best Way to Approach Incentivized Traffic

People on these sites are deluded with work from home offers. It is very hard to stand out from the crowd. But what do all these people want? More traffic, more exposure. So why not promote exactly what they want?

1. Give away something for free that appeals to marketers
2. Have an simple opt in form with everything above the fold (No scrolling.) You only have a few seconds to grab their attention.
3. Your opt in form should subscribe them to an email follow up series promoting your offers.

Luckily for you we everything set up already for you as our affiliate.

Here is a landing page where we offer $597. of marketing software for free:

If you want to receive credit as an affiliate use this link:

When your prospects join our newsletter we set a cookie with your affiliate id. We then send out our follow up messages day after day. No matter what the prospect orders even if it is months later YOU get CREDIT!

Our follow up system works for you.

So all you have to do is promote this link:

You can sign up for Herculist here.

Here is a solo email you can use to send out daily to Herculist members:


Subject:[[firstname]], Download $597. of Pro Marketing Software Free!


Hi [[firstname]],

I have an incredible offer for you and it
will not cost you a dime!

We are giving away $597. of pro
marketing software for free!

See here to download 7 pro marketing/seo
software absolutely free!

This is fully functional pro software
that you can use forever for free!

This is not limited free trial type software.

This custom programmed innovative software
should be selling for hundreds of dollars but
we decided to give it to you for free.

All we ask is that you share this incredible
offer on your favorite social media.

See here to download $597 of pro marketing
software for free now!

This offer will not stay up forever so come and
get it while you can!

Put your wallet away. The software is at 100% no cost!

Here is the direct link:

Join Newsletter 2

Much Success,

Your Name
Your Postal Address


If you have not joined our affiliate program you may do so for free here.

Once you have your affiliate id then you can sign up for Herculist here.

Then make sure you log in everyday to send out your ads. Subscribe to our newsletter and our YouTube channel to make sure you know about other traffic sources that have proven successful for my affiliates.

We are going to be analyzing what works and then telling you how to duplicate this success!


Matthew May




How to Make $200. Commission Selling “Get Your Own Classified Ad Website”

We are now offering to set people up with their own Classified Ad Website.

This package sells for $597. and is packed with value. Customers get their own website that we help them promote.

Customers get all the money from upgrades, it integrates with their Aweber account to build their list and since they own the site they can even sell the website later for big bucks.

See here to view the sales page:

Here is a video which describes this offer in detail:

Now we are offering to pay you $200. affiliate commissions for every sale you make from your referral link who purchases their own classified ad website!

Not only will we pay you $200 affiliates commissions for this package but if your referrals order of our other packages you will receive commissions on these as well!

Here is the link you use to promote this offer:

(Note: You can promote any page on our website by simply adding ?ref=youraffiliateid at the end of the page link.)

You must first, of course, be a member of our affiliate program. You can join for free here.

Simply replace “youraffiliateid” with your actual affiliate id.

Here is a sales letter you can send to your list of post on social media promoting the “Get Your Own Classified Ad Website” program.


Sample Headlines:

Get Your Own Classified Ad Website-You Keep All The Money!
Get Your Own Classified Ad Website- Non Stop Lead Machine!
Your Own Classified Ad Website Completely Set Up For You!

Ad Body:

Dear Firstname,

My friend Matt has created a 6 figure business running free advertising websites.
See here to learn more:

We can now set up you with a website just like his.

This is not an affiliate site. You own it, it is your domain, you keep all the money.

We will integrate your website the same type of opt in system which is generating 1000’s of leads every month
for us.

We will set the site up to send all ad upgrade money directly to your Paypal and/or Stripe account.

We will even help you promote the site by including it
in the roster of sites we submit to  with

Plus we will send an email to our list introducing your new site.

Please visit here to learn more about this unique offer:

Much Success,

Your Name
Your Postal Address


One sale per day is $200×7= $1400. per week! =$5600. per month!

We cannot promise that you will make this much but just a few sales really adds up when you have $200.

Plus you can confidently recommend this product because all those who sign up get sales and opt in subscribers.

You can log in and get banners coded already to your affiliate link here.

Here are some banners that you can download and put on your blogs and websites:




We also encourage you to make YouTube and TikTok videos on this offer. You can use the material from the sales page here.
Then put your affiliate link in the description and in a pinned comment on the videos.

If you are already an affiliate you can log into your affiliate account here.

You can learn more about our classified ad affiliate program here.

5 Ways to Make Money With Our Ad Posting Service Affiliate Program

At ad posting service we LOVE affiliates! The more money we can pay affiliates the better. Some companies look at affiliates as just an aside. For us affiliates are the life blood of our business.

We are always looking for more commissionable products to add to our suite of products and services.

We also are looking to add more higher ticket products to give you even more commissions.

The beautiful thing about the ad posting service affiliate program is that even if your referral signs up for a free account he is hard coded to you.

Your Referral is Hard Coded to You. No Matter if They Clear Their Cookies You Will Still Get Credit For All Their Orders!

Many affiliate affiliate programs like Clickbank just use cookies to track affiliate commissions. If you referral clears the cache of his browser it erases the cookie which was tracking your referral. If he then orders you do not receive a commission.

With the ad posting service Affiliate Program we not only use cookies but once your referral has an account you are hard coded as the referring affiliate.

No matter what service your referral orders YOU will receive credit. If they order a monthly package now, then in a few months they order a yearly package you will receive commissions for both sales.

If Your Referral Upgrade Later For Any Other Packages You Receive Credit!

If later they upgrade to a multi-campaign package you will receive commissions for that as well.

We do not offer just one service, we offer a multitude of services and more are going to be added in the future.

Here is what it looks like in the back end of our tracking software:

I have blocked out some of the name for privacy reasons. Look where it says “Referred Affiliate.” This is hard coded into our MYSQL database. Even if the referral clears the cache of his cookies Leroy will still receive credit for anything his referral orders.

Originally the affiliate was tracked by cookies but once he signed up even for a free account this referral  is forever linked with the original referring affiliate.

With affiliate programs like Clickbank experienced marketers will often clear the cache of their browser and then just order from their own affiliate link.

We Do Not Allow Affiliates to Order From Their Own Affiliate Link. This Protects The Original Referring Affiliate.

With our affiliate program we do not allow affiliates to order from their own link. This helps protect the original affiliate.

Here are the 5 ways you can now earn affiliate commissions with the Affiliate Program.

1. Earn 50% Recurring Commissions From Monthly and Quarterly Packages

The monthly package for the ad posting service is now at $39.95 per month (May go up in the future) and the quarterly is $77. every 3 months. You get half of this. $19.97 per month commission for the monthly package and $38.50 commission every 3 months for the quarterly package.

This can really add up. There are some customers who have been ad posting service clients for years. 100x $19.97 is about $2000. per month. That is not bad for a recurring side income. I cannot guarantee that you will make this many sales but we do sell these packages every single day.

100 $19.97 Commissions on the Monthly Package Comes to About $2000. Per Month! Not Bad!

$39.95 per month is very reasonable for a hands off advertising package so this is very easy to sell. We sell this package every day.

2. Earn 50% One Time Commission on Yearly Orders ($98.50)

The yearly package for the ad posting service goes for $197. for an entire year of promotion. Your cut is a whopping $98.50 per sale. This is a great deal for the customer. This comes out to just $16.41 per month for daily ad posting  of their ad to 100’s of ad pages, + log in and text ads plus a custom image ad and bonus traffic. They save about $276. over the monthly ad posting service package and get the bonuses in addition to the savings.

It is a one time charge. The yearly option does not renew automatically. At first you might think why not make it recurring? The reason is that everybody forgets yearly subscriptions. Charging somebody $197. for something they forgot about does not make for good customer relations.

We Chose To Make The Yearly Option Non Recurring Because People Forget Yearly Subscriptions And It is Easier For You To Sell One Time Payments

Also, people are smart. They know about subscriptions. And more people will actually sign up for this option because it does not renew automatically. If they want to renew they can always do so and you, as the affiliate, will receive credit even if they order 1 year later.

3. Up to $148. in Commissions on Multiple Campaign Packages

Many customers have asked us for discounted ad posting service packages on running separate multiple campaigns at the same time. So we came up with a package which will allow customers to do just that. You can see the multiple campaign packages here.

The yearly option for the ad posting service multiple campaigns costs $297. for 2 yearly campaigns. If they ordered 2 yearly campaigns separately it would have cost $394. The customer is saving $97. and you receive a 50% commission of $148.

Just 2 $148. Commissions Per Day Comes to About $8880. Per Month!

2 $148. commissions per day comes out to $296. per day. Do this every day and we are talking about $8880. per month or $106,000 per year. We are not saying that you are going to make this much. So far nobody has. But the possibility is there.

Again, as with the single yearly package these packages do not renew. This is better for the customer and actually better for you because it is easier to sell non-renewing packages.

4. Earn 50% Recurring Commissions on Monthly And Quarterly Multiple Campaign Packages

The multiple monthly ad posting service campaign package goes for $59.95 per month. You get half of that which is $29.97 per month. 100 orders of the monthly would be $2997. per month. Again we do not guarantee this as this is up to your hard work and marketing skills.

The multiple campaign ad posting service quarterly package sells for $125. every 3 months. This is a recurring subscription. As an affiliate you will receive half of this at $62.50 every 3 months.

The customer is saving $29. over having to order 2 separate campaigns at full price ($77.)

5. Earn $100. Flat Fee Commission if Anybody Orders Their Own Classified Ad Website

We have set up a special program where we can set customers up with their very own classified ad website like
We include an integration with their Aweber account so they can build their mailing list. This is a custom programming job that requires quite a bit of work and infrastructure.

You will earn a $100. commission for anybody who orders their own classified ad website from your referral link. See here to learn about this offer.

There you go. 5 ways to make money with Affiliate Program. We pay commissions once per month around the 24th of the month. You will be paid for all sales up to the 1st of the month. So there is about a 3 week lag to account for any refunds.

We can pay you directly to your bank account, Paypal,, Zelle, Venmo and Skrill. We accept affiliate from all over the world.

You can sign up directly for our affiliate program here.

You can learn more about the affiliate program here.

You can get banners, sales letters and promo material here.

The fastest way to get started is simply to join the program and send out an email to your list and post to all your social media followers.

If you have any questions let us know we are here to help.

Wishing You Much Success!

Matthew May



How to Make Money Making Videos For Local Businesses Even During A Depression

I have made $1000’s of dollars and continue to do so making simple slide show videos for local businesses. Google loves videos and YouTube videos get ranked quite easily on YouTube especially for local search terms. Google also love websites with videos embedded on them.


Local Businesses Do Not Have Time to Make Upload and Optmize Videos For Their Business

The problem for small businesses is that most do not have the time or expertise to make videos of their business and upload them to YouTube. This leaves an absolutely wide open opportunity for a work at home entrepreneur.

This is less complicated than you might think. I create simple slide show videos for my clients. Anybody can make these videos. You simply add blocks of text and pictures to your slide show software and the software creates very nice professional slide show videos for you.

Anybody Can Make Slide Show Videos. You Do Not Have to Be Steven Spielberg.

I am using software created by Photodex called Pro Show Producer. Unfortunately this company went out of business.

Now I recommend Animoto. The reason I recommend Animoto is that it is dead simple to us. It is a bit expensive but with a few client you can easily afford it.

Animoto Cloud Based Slide Show Video Creation Software is Dead Simple To Use

Here is a video which quickly shows you how to make slide show videos with Animoto.

So once you learn how to make slide show videos for small businesses you then you can come up with some packages that you can propose to your clients. For example you could offer to create a video for $125. then charge extra for some promotion.

Once Your Learn The Basic Skills of Making Slide Show Videos With Animoto You Can Then Put Together Packages to Propose To Your Clients

For example you could charge $125 to create the video then $50. for uploading and optimizing the video on various social media platforms. Here is a gig on Fiverr I have used which uploads your video to 80 social media and video hosting sites.

You can also create packages for multiple videos at reduced rates. For example you could do 5 videos for $500. instead of $600. You can charge even more for optimization and promotion.

You Can Create Monthly Packages For Your Clients

Better yet, you can propose monthly packages of 5 videos per month for $500. (Note these prices are completely arbitrary you could charge more or less depending on what you are offering)

10 Customers at $500. per month is $5000. per month. Not Bad!

But think about it. 10 customers at $500. per month is $5000. per month. You can do the math from there. This does take work, salesmanship and customer service. Sorry no pipe dreams here. This is a real  business idea.

Ideas on How to Come Up With Content For Your Videos

Here are some ideas on how to come up with ideas on creating videos.

  1. Testimonials. Does the customer have any testimonials on his site? You can make a slide show videos of all the customer’s fantastic reviews.
  2. FAQ– Research the frequently asked questions of your client’s industry and make videos on the most frequently asked questions and answers. You can get these FAQ from his competitor’s sites but also just from Google. If you type say “bankruptcy lawyer faq” into Google you will get enough FAQ to create dozens of videos.
  3. The customer’s website. The customer probably has all kinds of material on his website. You can just make videos using the pictures and text from the various pages of the customer’s website. The client can then even embed the video in each web page giving him even more exposure. Win Win!

What Type of Businesses Should I Contact Especially When There is a Depression?

Some people win some people lose. It sucks but it is true. There are some businesses which will thrive in down times. I am seeing a lot of people using various types of lawyers in the months to come. Even in a good economy people use them but in a bad one maybe even more.

Bankruptcy Lawyers– Unfortunately many people are going to go bankrupt in this economy. Bankruptcy lawyers negotiate this process for their clients. I see their businesses booming in the future.

Divorce Lawyers

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Personal Injury Attorneys

Mold and Home Inspection Services

Repair and Maintenance Services

Vocational Schools

Debt Collection

Just look in you local newspapers and see who is paying for advertising. If they will pay for print media then there is a chance they will pay for your services as well.

Look to See Which Local Businesses Are Advertising in Your Area. If They Are Paying For Expensive Google Adwords Ads They Might Be Happy to Speak With You

Look at Google Adwords Ads and see what local businesses are paying for Google Adwords. If they are paying for ridiculously expensive Google Adwords ads they might even be happy to speak with you.

How Do I Contact These Local Businesses?

The real answer is anyway you can. Social Media, direct email, in person, by referral. It might be a good idea to create a website with examples of your work. Even an autoresponder series which tells people the advantages of your service.

A great tactic is to actually make a video for free for a client you think could hire you each month. Make a slide show video of all his best reviews and just send it to him.

Make A Slide Show Video Of All The Positive Reviews of a Prospective Client. Then See If He Wants To Hire You To Make More.

People love to here about how great they are over and over. If they ask you to take it down do so but most people will appreciate the free promo. Then ask them if they would be interested in having you make more videos for them.

Specializing in One Niche Business Can Give You More Credibility to Your Prospects

You could specialize in one niche. Say for example you wanted to specialize with bankruptcy lawyers. Maybe a bunch of generic videos about bankruptcy lawyers then send them to your website.

Also, of course make your own YouTube channel which specializes in making videos for bankruptcy lawyers.

If the see that you already understand their business they will be more likely to hire you. Keep in mind you are not limited to your own city.

Keep In Mind You Are Not Limited to Your Own City With Local Businesses. You Can Contact All Similar Businesses in All Cities

You can contact everybody in that niche in every city in the world. Sometimes specializing can set you apart from the competition. Not that there is much in this field.

These are just some ideas to get you going. There are other skills you need to learn such as how to fully optimize a YouTube videos and basic local seo. You can Google this and find 100’s of articles and tutorials.

If you do have videos you want to promote I suggest our Classified Ad Posting Service. With your classified ad you can include a YouTube share url. We will embed your YouTube video on 100’s of advertising sites. YouTube embeds is another metric used by Google to rank videos.



5 Ways to Get More Affiliate Sales With 2020

Here are 5 ways to get more affiliate sales with If you have not yet signed up for our affiliate program you may do so here.   These affiliate tips can be applied to any program you are promoting not just for


Affiliate Marketing Tip#1- Send a Solo Email to Your List

  1. The fastest way to get more affiliate sales is to send a solo email to your own list of opt in subscribers. I get sales almost every time I send an email to my list. You need to have credibility so make sure you are promoting a product or service that you believe in.These subscribers must have opted into YOUR specific email list.They cannot be lists you purchase or rent. You need to build your own list. If you are not building your own list you are missing out on one of the most effective marketing methods.It is usually a good idea to give people an incentive to join your list. Here is an article which shows you how to give away our free software to build your list: Visit here.Here is an article on how to build your own dead simple landing page/squeeze page. You will need an email management system/autoresponder. The simplest system I use is Aweber.

    If you already have your own list you can get solo emails swipes to send to your list for here.

    Affiliate Marketing Tip #2- Create an Autoresponder Drip Series Using Our Done For You Emails


    2. Create an autoresponder drip series using emails promoting the affiliate program. Drip campaigns send timed emails every few days to your subscribers. They opt in once and say every 4 or 5 days  the autoresponder they get emails promoting the affiliate program.

    This is extremely effective! I have made tens of thousands of dollars using this system. I have created a pre-made set of autoresponder messages that you can use to promote that you can download email swipes promoting the Classifiedsubmissions affiliate program here.

    Just add your affiliate link to each message and upload your affiliate messages to your autoresponder system.

    Affiliate Marketing Tip #3- Give Away Our Free Re-brandable Ebook to Your List and Social Media Following

    3. Give away our free re-brandable ebook to your list and your social media following. We have created an ebook called: “11 Proven Techniques To Get More Sales From Classified Ads.” You can replace the links to and with you affiliate links for those program.

    The easy online re-brander will re-brand the ebook in a few seconds with your affiliate links. Then give away the ebook and if anybody orders you will receive commissions.

    The advantage of this technique is that you are offering valuable information to your prospects and you are not just trying to sell them something. It is a soft sell. Your prospects perceive this as receiving valuable free information. You can get your re-brand your copy of the ebook here.

    Affiliate Marketing Tip #4- Start Your Own Blog or Website

    4. Start your own blog or website. Even if you are promoting affiliate programs you need your own blog or website with your own domain name. Having your own blog or website is a great way to build your own audience. You can put your autoresponder subscribe forms on your blog and people and subscribe to your autoresponder series.

    You can get your own domain name and web hosting account here.

    What do you write about? Chronicle your own marketing journey. Again people are looking for authenticity. You can use your blog to increase your audience, embed your YouTube videos, and build your list.

    Affiliate Marketing Tip #5- Contact People Who Are Already Spending Money on Advertising

    5. Contact people who are already advertising. What better audience to promote a classified ad service than people who are already advertising. You can contact people who are placing ads on classified ad sites already or even those who are buying expensive advertising in your local area.

    Do not just spam your affiliate link in comments or contact forms. Ask permission to contact the person about additional promotion first without your affiliate link. They can message you back if they are interested and you can start a dialog. Try to develop a relationship with the person.

    Do not just repeat the same pitch over and over. Make your contact personal. Show them you actually saw their ad and that you understand their niche. Then if they are interested in learning more you can send them your affiliate link.

    These tips should give you some ideas to get started. There are many more ways to generate affiliate sales. If you do not know where to start just pick one technique and give it a shot.

    You can learn more about our affiliate program here.

    You can get banners and promo material here.

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