​​Alternative Payment Methods

How to pay With Google Pay

With Google pay we  can accept one time payments of $197. for a one year membership. This will include promoting your ad every month for one year.

​1. Go to http://pay.google.com

2. Log in with your gmail account

3. Click the 0 and where it says "Enter an amount" put in $197.

4. Where it says "send money to" put quickregistermail@gmail.com

​5. Where it says "Memo" put this: ​Referred by:

(If nothing is after "referred by:" just leave the memo blank.)

​6. Where it says "Add Debit Card" add your debit card to fund payment.

7. After you have finished paying Fill out this form with your ad.

How to Pay by Regular Mail (Snail Mail)

We will accept payment by snail mail using a money order for our yearly package for a $197. one time payment. This is for an entire year of promoting your ads.

1. Fill out and print this form.

Fillable Form in Word Format Click Here

Text Format Form To Print Out And Fill Out By Hand

2. Where it says "Referred By" Put Referred by: If there is nothing after "Referred By" then leave this field blank on the form.

​3. Print and then send the filled out form to:

​Tam Yam Inc.

1314 E. Las Olas Blvd. #142

Ft. Lauderdale Fl. 33301

Include a Check or Money Order for $197. Made out to "Tam Yam Inc."

3. Then fill out this form with your ad info and submit it.

As soon as we receive your payment we will set up your and and send you a confirmation by email.

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