Get High Quality Traffic Every Month With Bonus PPV Traffic! 

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No Traffic=No Sales!

Without traffic there are no sales. It is simple as that. Plus one of the main factors in getting your site ranked in the search engines is traffic. If you site is dead and has no traffic Google will not find it.

You could easily spend $1. or more per click with Google or Facebook ads. That can really ad up! With Google or Facebook $50. might get you 50 clicks if you are lucky. And there is no guarantee people will buy! It is very easy to lose a lot of money this way.

With our ppv traffic you get 10,000 views for $50 rather than just 50 visitors! Big difference.

Plus we can keyword target the traffic as well.

Real Visitors for a Fraction of the Cost of Google Adwords  Bing or Facebook Ads!

​Our traffic is actually known as Pay Per View Traffic(PPV) or pop up traffic not pay per click traffic. With pay per click traffic people see your small ad on a website on or the side of a search result like this one.

With Pay Per View Traffic Your Actual Website is Displayed To The Viewer

With pay per view traffic your actual website is displayed to the viewer who is searching online. In a way pay per view is more direct because people do not have to click a link to get to your website. They immediately view your website.

I have sold run of network pop under traffic for years. When I first started I did get some sales. I could usually break even on campaigns and get subscribers to my newsletters which was great. 

Eventually the quality of this type of traffic really declined. This is why I have been on my search for a better source.

I have found it after several years and tens of thousands of dollars of research.

With Google or Facebook $59 will get you Maybe 50 Clicks to Your Website. We Give You 10,000 Keyword Targeted Visitors for the Same Price!

Traffic Has Been Found to A Key Factor in Getting Your Site Ranked at the Top of Google Searches

If your website has no traffic it is looked on as a less important site in the search engines. Sometimes traffic campaigns can kick start your site’s popularity and show Google that there are visitors coming to your website thus helping to get your site ranked above your competitors for your keywords.

I cannot guarantee you will sell whatever product or service you are selling. I have seen some sites making crazy income claims trying to “sell you the dream.” Heck, I do not even know what you are selling! I can guarantee that you will get traffic to your website.

I have tested this source thoroughly. I get real registrations, real sales, real subscribers from this source. Not all my campaigns have made me money. Some projects work better than others. 

But all have been exposed people. In my opinion this is the job of an advertising service, to deliver authentic visitors. It is your job to have a value packed offer that converts.

My Mission was to Find a Reliable, Reasonably Priced Traffic Source!

My mission was to find another reliable, true traffic source reasonably priced source. Not junk traffic!

Considering that ppv traffic can cost less than 1 cent per view compared to maybe $1. per click with pay per click this is a tremendous value.

The prices are so low that it can easily improve your return on investment. For example if you were to spend $50. on a Google Adwords campaign at just $1.  per click you might get 50 keyword targeted clicks to your website.

If you spend around $50. with us you will about 10,000 targeted views of your website! Do you think you would have a better chance on getting sales or registration with 100 targeted visits or 10,000 targeted visits?

You can cancel any of our traffic packages any time by contacting us here. There are no contracts everything is on a month to month basis.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed