Quick Simple Formula For Getting Affiliate Sales ASAP!

Here is a quick simple formula to start generating sales for the Classifiedsubmissions.com affiliate program:1. Sign up for the affiliate program for free here.2. Sign up for all of these safelists for free:Email Hog– I really like Email Hog.I have been a pro member for 2 months and I get about 200 clicks per mailing to 9000 members.Pro members can email the entire list every other day.Lead Club– Lead Club is a growing straight forward safelist. For just $2. per month you can mail 1400+ confirmed members every other day.Free members can send their ad out to 300 members every other day.Magic MailerFree members can mail up to 500 per day and their top pro package allows you to mail to 5000 twice per day.Email Traffic ListEmail Traffic List has a membership of 9000.Free members need to earn credits through referrals or viewing other ads.Then you can send your ad out to about 1000 every 5 days using your credits.

Top pro program allows you to mail to about 5000 every 3 days without using any credits.State of the Art MailerFree membership allow you to mail between 500-3000 every 5 days.Their top list allows you to mail to 30,000 every 3 days and costs $81.63 per month.Land Marketing MailerAllow all free members to email to the entire list.They guarantee that you will be able to mail to a minimum of 1500.Adzquick SafelistThis list has about 5000 members.Free members can email 5 times per day and get 500 credits.Pro membership is $16.for a lifetime membership and you get 1000 credits and you can post 15 times per day.White List Email Marketing– Must have a gmail account for this one.Triumph MailerFree Members can mail 500 members every 3 days.Pro members pay 30 bucks per month and can mail 5000 every 12 hours.Conversion MailFree membersĀ  may mail 1000 Members with their credits every 4 days. Pro members can mail 3500 every 2 days.List A Blaze Free members can mail out 1000 every 7 days.Pro Members can mail up to 20,000 per month for a one time fee of $97.Mail Our ListFree members can mail up to 1000 every 5 days. Pro members can mail up to 5000 per day for 20 bucks per month.Copy this sales letter and replace the link with your affiliate link.=========================================================================Subject:[[firstname]], Submit Your Classified Ad To 500,000 Advertising Sites Now!Body:Hi [[firstname]],My friend Matt has just set up a new classified ad submission service:See–>> http://www.classifiedsubmissions.com/g.o/He will submit your classified ads to the following:550+ Classified ad sites85 + Search Engines250+ Web Directories80+ ffa sites50+ Message boards and Forums550+ Classified ad sitez500,000+ Networked SitesSubmitting classified ads is old school marketingwhich still works.The problem is that it canbe very time consuming submitting ads every month.This problem has been have solved for you with thisnew classified ads submission service.See here to learn more:http://www.classifiedsubmissions.com/g.o/Much Success,Your NameYour Postale Address———————————————————Of course wherever you see: “http://www.classifiedsubmissions.com/g.o/” replace this with your own affiliate link.You can get your affiliate link by logging into the affiliate account you just created here.Then start mailing out the sales letter every day to various safelists. Some lists will let you mail out every day and others may just let you mail out every week.Just keep mailing every day to one or more of the lists.If you find one of the lists has an upgrade option that you like go ahead and upgrade.Then really work that list as often as they let you for your membership level all month.Some lists let you mail out to up to 9000 every other day if you upgrade.That is a mailing to over 100,000 for just under $30.If you just get one sale and they renew a second month you will be in profit.We pay out $19.97 per month recurring commissions as long as the customer who you referred stays signed up. That is 50% commissions every month!There you go.A simple, quick plan of attack to start getting affiliate traffic and sales.So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the affiliate program for free right here and let’s start getting traffic today!