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Using SEO To Promote Affiliate Programs

The first thing you need to do when doing seo is to do a little keyword research. Don’t let this scare you. It is pretty easy. All you have to do is go over to the Google Keyword Tool which is free and start typing in some keyword ideas. I typed in post classified in order to get some ideas on promoting Here is what I found:

Post to Classifieds gets 90,500 global searches and has medium competition.

Post to classified (singular) gets about 110,000 global searches and has medium competition.

The only¬† keywords that looked more interesting perhaps were “free classifieds” which was getting about 300,000 views but remember that has the special word “free” in it so naturally it will pull more searches.

I have decided to focus on the keywords “post to classifieds” and “post to classified.”

It is important to stay focused when doing seo. Pick your keywords and go for them. So here is my plan that I am hoping as affiliates you copy!

1. Video marketing. I am going to make sildeshow videos using Proshoweb (you can also see Animoto which is free) and upload the video to all 35 video hosting sites. Here is a guy who will do this for your for $5! I am going to prominently put the keywords “Post to classifieds” in the titles of the videos. Google picks up on the titles first. So put your keywords in the titles.

You can get videos already done for you on our affiliate tools page here. You are also welcome to download any videos I have promoting and upload them to your own YouTube channels referring people to your affiliate link.

2. Send out a press release with the keywords “post to classifieds” and submit it to For some reason I have seen this site getting great traction in the search engines.

3. Get a keyword based domain name and load the site with keyword relevant useful content. Like or .edu. Check to see what is available. You then would need to fill your new page with lots of good content. One idea would be to make a list of great classified ad sites. I did such a post here and it works well. People love lists. Just having a domain name with the keywords is not enough. It will not work as a re-direct. You have to have some good content on it then promote it on social media and as the destination url in videos.

4. Start your own blog around the kewwords. Blogger blogs get picked up quickly in search and they are free. Go to and set one up. Use your keywords in the title of the blog and in your blog posts.

5. Promote all the above properties. Here are some gigs where people do some promotions for just $5.

Submit your video to 35 video hosting sites.

Write an seo article in fluent English.

Submitting articles to blog networks.

This should get you started. If you have not yet signed up for the affiliate program you can do so for free here. You can get banners, videos, and sales letters here.

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P.S. I just want to be clear. I did not make 1000 sales just from this technique. This is one set of techniques I have used to make sales. I have and continue to use many techniques. You need to have lots of weapons of attack in this marketing game. I have given you one. There are more coming! Not put them into practice!