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Top 10 Safelists For Best Clickthrough Rates and Affiliate Sales


Email marketing is still one of the best ways to get affiliate sales. If you are looking for more affiliate sales for one strategy is to join every one of these safelists and send out a solo ad with your affiliate link.

Most of the safelists below have free options which allow you to send your ad out for free to a limited number of members. Once you find a few that you like you can upgrade to be able to send more frequently and to a bigger membership.

Safelists work well for promoting because everybody on a safelist is looking for ways to promote their website. So even though members are given an incentive of getting more credits to view your link it is still targeted email advertising and non targeted prices.

Another advantage of safelist advertising is that you can usually send your message out every other day. Many lists have memberships of 9000 or more confirmed members. So being able to send out your solo ad 15 times a month to 9000 for just a few dollars per month represents quite a good value.

All of these lists are well run and have been tested for responsiveness. Here they are:

Email Hog– I really like Email Hog. I have been a pro member for 2 months and I get about 200 clicks per mailing to 9000 members. Pro members can email the entire list every other day.
Lead Club– Lead Club is a growing straight forward safelist. For just $2. per month you can mail 1400+ confirmed members every other day.Free members can send their ad out to 300 members every other day.
Magic MailerFree members can mail up to 500 per day and their top pro package allows you to mail to 5000 twice per day.
Email Traffic ListEmail Traffic List has a membership of 9000. Free members need to earn credits through referrals or viewing other ads. Then you can send your ad out to about 1000 every 5 days using your credits. Top pro program allows you to mail to about 5000 every 3 days without using any credits.
State of the Art MailerFree membership allow you to mail between 500-3000 every 5 days. Their top list allows you to mail to 30,000 every 3 days and costs $81.63 per month.
Land Marketing MailerAllow all free members to email to the entire list. They guarantee that you will be able to mail to a minimum of 1500.
Adzquick SafelistThis list has about 5000 members. Free members can email 5 times per day and get 500 credits. Pro membership is $16. for a lifetime membership and you get 1000 credits and you can post 15 times per day.
White List Email Marketing– Must have a gmail account for this one.
Triumph MailerFree Members can mail 500 members every 3 days. Pro members pay 30 bucks per month and can mail 5000 every 12 hours.
Conversion MailFree membersĀ  may mail 1000 Members with their credits every 4 days. Pro members can mail 3500 every 2 days.
List A Blaze Free members can mail out 1000 every 7 days. Pro Members can mail up to 20,000 per month for a one time fee of $97.
Mail Our ListFree members can mail up to 1000 every 5 days. Pro members can mail up to 5000 per day for 20 bucks per month.

Basically I am Just Suggesting to Sign Up For All These Safelists And Email Our Sales Letter With Your Affiliate Link to as Many Lists As Possible Everyday.

Here are the instruction on how to use these safelists to generate commissions for

1. Join the affiliate program for free here.

2. Sign up for a free gmail account here. It is best to have a gmail. address you use just for safelists. Some lists only accept gmail accounts.

3. Sign up for each of the safelists as a free members.

4. Get sales letter from our affiliate tools section here.

5. Make sure you affiliate link is in the sales letter.

6. Start email the sales letter to each safelistĀ  you joined.

7. Check out the upgrade options on some of the safelist you joined. If they look like a good deal go for it. The key then is to use the safelist the most that is allowed. If you are allowed to mail every other day make sure you do so in order to get the maximum benefit. I suggest doing your mailing first thing in the morning so you do not forget. Keep sending your sales letter to each safelist every day or every other day as much as they allow for your membership level.

8. Do not worry about getting sales right away. You need to give this strategy at least one month. You will definitely get people to the website and many will join our newsletter. Our newsletter is on autoresponder and continually follow up with reasons why people should sign up for the classified ad submisson service. Most people need at least 7 follow up before they buy. These follow ups are working for you. Even if somebody signs up 1 year later that you originally referred YOU get credit!

The above strategy can be used for any affiliate program that appeal to marketers or even to build your own autoresponder list. Let me know how it goes!

Much Success,