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Send Out This Email And Earn $148. Per Sale

We now offer a multiple campaign program. This allows advertisers to advertise two programs at once at a discounted rate. Normally an advertiser would simply twice if they wanted to advertise 2 separate programs at once.

With the multiple campaign program the advertiser gets a discount.

To cost to run 2 yearly programs at once for one year is: $297.

The commission on this program for you as an affiliate is: $148.

If you have a list of marketers who are looking for cost effective advertising then here is a letter you can send out to your list and earn up to $148. per sale!

Beginning of sales letter.


Title/Headline: Get 2 Separate Ads Promoted to 1000’s of Ad Pages Monthly!

Body: I have found a terrific service which will promote your 2 separate ads to 1000’s of Advertising Pages each month for an entire year!
Visit here to learn more:

We are talking about promoting 2 of your offers every single day to an ever growing base of high traffic ad sites every for an entire year!

Also Included:

*Your full website or affiliate link will be displayed As a full page log In ad on 60+ high traffic sites 24/7 giving you quality exposure on 1000’s of Advertising Pages Monthly!

*Your ad upgraded to Premium on 60+ high traffic advertising websites. Premium ads are displayed at the top of your category and on the home page of the ad websites.

*Your ads included in 60+ ad credit viewers. Other advertisers get credits for viewing your ads. This can generate 1000’s of views. *Custom clickable image ads made just for your offers.

*10k bonus visitors from our ad network for each campaign.

*Creation of custom html ads for your offers. This is a set and forget. You simply give use your basic ad after you order.

Then we do all the promotion for you! Huge time saver!

Visit here to learn more:

Wishing you much success!


End of sales letter.

You have the option of sending out a broadcast email to your entire list or you can add this sales letter to your autoresponder/email series.

Adding the sales letter to your autoresponder series can give you long term residual income for many months.

If you have not yet registered for our affiliate program you may do so here.

To learn more about our affiliate program see here.

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