How To Use YouTube And Video Marketing To Generate Affiliate Commissions

YouTube and Dailymotion as well as other video sites absolutely rock when it comes to seo. YouTube has a ranking of PR9 which is about as good a ranking as it gets. This should be no surprise since Google owns YouTube. Consequently YouTube videos tagged with your keywords will often rank higher and faster than your own website.

You can use the power of YouTube to generate recurring affiliate commissions with my Classified Ad Submission Service. Here’s how:

1. Sign up for the classified ad submission affiliate program here.

2. Download this video to your hardrive. Right click here and “save as.”

Here is what the video looks like on YouTube:


3. Create an account with if you do not already have one.

4. Upload the video from your hard drive to YouTube.

5. Make sure you include lots of keywords in the titles and descriptions. Here are some sample titles:


Great Classified Ad Submission Service

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Best Classified Ad Submission Service

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You get the idea. Use your imagination and you can come up with some great ideas for titles.

Here are some keywords you can use in the keywords and description area:

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6. Include your affiliate link at the very beginning of the description on YouTube. If you have your affiliate url in the beginning of the description it will be very easy to see and click. If anybody orders after clicking you get $19.97 monthly recurring commissions.

7. Promote the video. If you have a blog put the embed code on your blog and or website. Send an email blast to your list with the video on YouTube. You can even upload the video to 35 other video hosting sites. Here is a good list of video hosting sites. Here is a guy who will upload them for you to 35 video hosting sites for $5.

If you actually upload the video to 35 different video hosting sites mixing up all the titles and keywords chances are you will start to dominate the search engines for these keywords. If anybody orders the classified ad submission service You will receive recurring monthly commissions. Even if somebody orders one year later you will still get credit. We track cookies for one year.

The great thing about this traffic is that it is free and it lasts for years. Your videos will only get ranked higher and higher in the video listings as well as in the natural search engines listings. YouTube videos extremely well and quickly. Video marketing is a great way to earn affiliate commissions. If you choose to promote our program you will benefit in that the commissions will be recurring plus classified ad submissions are a hot seller.

To learn more about the classified ad affiliate program see here.

Check out the great affiliate tools, banners, promo and tips here.

P.S. We would greatly appreciate you using this idea to promote our recurring classified ad submission affiliate program and I think you will find it to be a good seller. However, you can also use this technique to help rank your own site higher in the search engines. Video marketing works fantastic for seo. Give it a try. Let me know what you think in the comments area.