Make Passive Income Giving Away Ebook “30+ High Traffic Websites Where You Can Post Your Affiliate Offers”

We have updated our ebook “30+ Free Ad Sites That Accept Affiliate Offers.” You can re-brand this ebook in a few seconds with our easy to use online re-branders here.

It is Easier Approach to Offer a Free Resource Than it is To Open With A Sales Pitch

The idea is that it is easier to give away a list of valuable advertising resources than it is just to sell somebody something. It is a softer approach. This approach also gives you more credibility because you are offering a valuable resource rather than a sales pitch.

Give Away Your Ebook To All Your Contacts And If People Order From Any of the Link In The Ebook Then You Get Paid!

At the end of this article I am going to give you a number of ideas on how to promote your ebook.

  1. Sign up for free for both affiliate program here and here.
    They each pay 50% commissions. pay ongoing recurring commissions.
  2. . Then visit and you will see this re-brander page:

3.  Input your affiliate ids for both programs and click on Rebrand It!


4.  You will be re-directed to this page where you can download your re-branded version of the ebook. All the links and banners which link to and will be coded with your affiliate links. If anybody clicks on these links and orders then you will receive commissions.

Note that when you download the re-branded ebook it will download automatically to your downloads folder.  You can also use the direct link we provide to promote your ebook. This link will also automatically download the ebook to the downloads folder of anybody who clicks on it.

If you want to shorten the link you can use a service such as or to shorten the url and create a re-direct.

If you want to have a version that people can read online then you can upload the re-braded ebook to Google Docs/Drive, make the link public use the share link provided by Google Drive.

How to Promote Your Re-Branded Ebook

  1. Send an email blast to your list using your Google Docs share link or direct link to your re-branded ebook.
  2. Share your link on social media.
  3. Contact everybody in your email contacts list offering them a link.
  4. Contact everybody in your phone contacts by sms with a link.
  5. Reverse advertising. Contact people who are advertising affiliate offers and give them the ebook.
  6. Contact people who manage affiliate programs like on Clickbank and offer them the ebook as a resource to give to their affiliates.
  7. Create a YouTube video about the ebook and put a link in the description and as a pinned comment
  8. Create a Tik Tok/YouTube Short video about the ebook.
  9. Post to affiliate marketing groups on Facebook every day.
  10. Use the ebook as an incentive for people to join your email list.
  11. Upload your ebook to and other pdf document sharing websites.
  12. Hire this specific Fiverr gig and have your re-branded pdf submitted for you to 20+ document sharing websites.

This article surely gives you plenty of ideas on how to promote your re-branded ebook and it costs nothing to get started. I can’t wait to start paying you affiliate commissions!

Much Success!

Matthew May