How to Create Personal Video Testimonials to Earn Affiliate Commissions

The problem with affiliate marketing is that everybody is promoting more or less the same thing. Most well organized affiliate programs have pre-written sales letters and ad copy. Using these pre-written letters can definitely work but if the program is popular you end up sending out all the same ad that everybody else is using. This does not gain you much credibility with your viewers. (Please note if you create a video testimonial about I will post the video here with your affiliate link! Just send me an email here.)

If you want to succeed in an exceptional way you need to use your imagination and come up with some original promotion ideas to promote the affiliate program. One of the most effective ways to promote your chosen affiliate program is through  creating your own personal video testimonials of your chosen affiliate program.

Personal Testimonials and Especially Video Personal Testimonials are One of the Most Credible Forms of Advertising

It is easy to create a video testimonial. If your computer has a microphone and a built in web cam you can make a video directly from your YouTube account.

Here is a video where I explain and show exactly how to record a video testimonial just with your laptop and a YouTube account to promote your affiliate program.

1. Log into your YouTube account.
2. Click upload.
3. Click Webcam record.
4. Click record.
5. Record your testimonial.
6. Click upload.

Bingo your video is automatically on YouTube! Now put a title in the title area. Make sure you include your keywords in the title. Put your affiliate link or better your own domain name at the top of the description and redirect your own domain name to your affiliate link.

Then start uploading the video to all the other video hosting sites and social media sites. Traffic from videos is permanent and videos get ranked very quickly in the natural search results. Not to mention that YouTube is the number 2 search engine after Google on it’s own.

What To Say in The Video Testimonial?

Remember it does not matter if you are slick. As a matter of fact it is better if you are not slick and glib. People want real testimonials not a sales presentation.

1. Write down 5 things you like about the product or service.
2. Write down a couple of things you would like to see improved.
3. Write down why you would recommend this product or service and how they can sign up. (Hint: Put your affiliate link or domain name at the top of the description of the video and tell people in your video to click the link in the description. It is important to tell people what to do. Do not assume they will click the link. Call to action!)
4. Then just talk naturally about the program. If you stumble it is no big deal. Just talk like you would talk with a friend. You can even pretend you are talking to a friend. Do not get hung up on being perfect. Action is the key!

Video marketing is a slightly longer term strategy than just placing ads but it is actually better because it will bring you traffic for months to come. It is permanent, natural and credible traffic. Start putting these videos out everyday and uploading them to all the video hosting sites. In a few months you will have maybe hundreds of videos all bringing you traffic and sales on real autopilot! Plant those money seeds and enjoy the harvest.

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