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Are you looking for some extra promotion for your affiliate link? (If you have not yet joined our affiliate program you may do so for free here.) Here is your opportunity. All you have to do is make a simple, personal video testimonial about how our classified ad submission service. Check out this post for a simple quick way to make a personal video testimonial. Then upload your personal video testimonial to YouTube. Make sure to put your affiliate link right at the beginning of the description in YouTube!

Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube send me the link by emailing us here.

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The one main requirement we have for the video is that it must be a personal testimonial. We do not want slide show type videos. We are interested in your voice. It does not have to be a slick professional presentation. Actually it is better if it is not. People just want honest testimonials anyway. So do not worry if it is not perfect. Just a simple webcam video testimonial is what we are looking for in your natural voice. Do not hire actors to do it for you. Just do it yourself from your webcam. Here is an article we wrote explaining how to do a simple video testimonial.

Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube send us the link by emailing us here. We are looking forward to working with you!