How to Make Money Making Videos For Local Businesses Even During A Depression

I have made $1000’s of dollars and continue to do so making simple slide show videos for local businesses. Google loves videos and YouTube videos get ranked quite easily on YouTube especially for local search terms. Google also love websites with videos embedded on them.


Local Businesses Do Not Have Time to Make Upload and Optmize Videos For Their Business

The problem for small businesses is that most do not have the time or expertise to make videos of their business and upload them to YouTube. This leaves an absolutely wide open opportunity for a work at home entrepreneur.

This is less complicated than you might think. I create simple slide show videos for my clients. Anybody can make these videos. You simply add blocks of text and pictures to your slide show software and the software creates very nice professional slide show videos for you.

Anybody Can Make Slide Show Videos. You Do Not Have to Be Steven Spielberg.

I am using software created by Photodex called Pro Show Producer. Unfortunately this company went out of business.

Now I recommend Animoto. The reason I recommend Animoto is that it is dead simple to us. It is a bit expensive but with a few client you can easily afford it.

Animoto Cloud Based Slide Show Video Creation Software is Dead Simple To Use

Here is a video which quickly shows you how to make slide show videos with Animoto.

So once you learn how to make slide show videos for small businesses you then you can come up with some packages that you can propose to your clients. For example you could offer to create a video for $125. then charge extra for some promotion.

Once Your Learn The Basic Skills of Making Slide Show Videos With Animoto You Can Then Put Together Packages to Propose To Your Clients

For example you could charge $125 to create the video then $50. for uploading and optimizing the video on various social media platforms. Here is a gig on Fiverr I have used which uploads your video to 80 social media and video hosting sites.

You can also create packages for multiple videos at reduced rates. For example you could do 5 videos for $500. instead of $600. You can charge even more for optimization and promotion.

You Can Create Monthly Packages For Your Clients

Better yet, you can propose monthly packages of 5 videos per month for $500. (Note these prices are completely arbitrary you could charge more or less depending on what you are offering)

10 Customers at $500. per month is $5000. per month. Not Bad!

But think about it. 10 customers at $500. per month is $5000. per month. You can do the math from there. This does take work, salesmanship and customer service. Sorry no pipe dreams here. This is a real  business idea.

Ideas on How to Come Up With Content For Your Videos

Here are some ideas on how to come up with ideas on creating videos.

  1. Testimonials. Does the customer have any testimonials on his site? You can make a slide show videos of all the customer’s fantastic reviews.
  2. FAQ– Research the frequently asked questions of your client’s industry and make videos on the most frequently asked questions and answers. You can get these FAQ from his competitor’s sites but also just from Google. If you type say “bankruptcy lawyer faq” into Google you will get enough FAQ to create dozens of videos.
  3. The customer’s website. The customer probably has all kinds of material on his website. You can just make videos using the pictures and text from the various pages of the customer’s website. The client can then even embed the video in each web page giving him even more exposure. Win Win!

What Type of Businesses Should I Contact Especially When There is a Depression?

Some people win some people lose. It sucks but it is true. There are some businesses which will thrive in down times. I am seeing a lot of people using various types of lawyers in the months to come. Even in a good economy people use them but in a bad one maybe even more.

Bankruptcy Lawyers– Unfortunately many people are going to go bankrupt in this economy. Bankruptcy lawyers negotiate this process for their clients. I see their businesses booming in the future.

Divorce Lawyers

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Personal Injury Attorneys

Mold and Home Inspection Services

Repair and Maintenance Services

Vocational Schools

Debt Collection

Just look in you local newspapers and see who is paying for advertising. If they will pay for print media then there is a chance they will pay for your services as well.

Look to See Which Local Businesses Are Advertising in Your Area. If They Are Paying For Expensive Google Adwords Ads They Might Be Happy to Speak With You

Look at Google Adwords Ads and see what local businesses are paying for Google Adwords. If they are paying for ridiculously expensive Google Adwords ads they might even be happy to speak with you.

How Do I Contact These Local Businesses?

The real answer is anyway you can. Social Media, direct email, in person, by referral. It might be a good idea to create a website with examples of your work. Even an autoresponder series which tells people the advantages of your service.

A great tactic is to actually make a video for free for a client you think could hire you each month. Make a slide show video of all his best reviews and just send it to him.

Make A Slide Show Video Of All The Positive Reviews of a Prospective Client. Then See If He Wants To Hire You To Make More.

People love to here about how great they are over and over. If they ask you to take it down do so but most people will appreciate the free promo. Then ask them if they would be interested in having you make more videos for them.

Specializing in One Niche Business Can Give You More Credibility to Your Prospects

You could specialize in one niche. Say for example you wanted to specialize with bankruptcy lawyers. Maybe a bunch of generic videos about bankruptcy lawyers then send them to your website.

Also, of course make your own YouTube channel which specializes in making videos for bankruptcy lawyers.

If the see that you already understand their business they will be more likely to hire you. Keep in mind you are not limited to your own city.

Keep In Mind You Are Not Limited to Your Own City With Local Businesses. You Can Contact All Similar Businesses in All Cities

You can contact everybody in that niche in every city in the world. Sometimes specializing can set you apart from the competition. Not that there is much in this field.

These are just some ideas to get you going. There are other skills you need to learn such as how to fully optimize a YouTube videos and basic local seo. You can Google this and find 100’s of articles and tutorials.

If you do have videos you want to promote I suggest our Classified Ad Posting Service. With your classified ad you can include a YouTube share url. We will embed your YouTube video on 100’s of advertising sites. YouTube embeds is another metric used by Google to rank videos.