5 Ways to Make Money With Our Ad Posting Service Affiliate Program

At Classifiedsubmissions.com ad posting service we LOVE affiliates! The more money we can pay affiliates the better. Some companies look at affiliates as just an aside. For us affiliates are the life blood of our business.

We are always looking for more commissionable products to add to our suite of products and services.

We also are looking to add more higher ticket products to give you even more commissions.

The beautiful thing about the Classifiedsubmissions.com ad posting service affiliate program is that even if your referral signs up for a free account he is hard coded to you.

Your Referral is Hard Coded to You. No Matter if They Clear Their Cookies You Will Still Get Credit For All Their Orders!

Many affiliate affiliate programs like Clickbank just use cookies to track affiliate commissions. If you referral clears the cache of his browser it erases the cookie which was tracking your referral. If he then orders you do not receive a commission.

With the Classifiedsubmissions.com ad posting service Affiliate Program we not only use cookies but once your referral has an account you are hard coded as the referring affiliate.

No matter what service your referral orders YOU will receive credit. If they order a monthly package now, then in a few months they order a yearly package you will receive commissions for both sales.

If Your Referral Upgrade Later For Any Other Packages You Receive Credit!

If later they upgrade to a multi-campaign package you will receive commissions for that as well.

We do not offer just one service, we offer a multitude of services and more are going to be added in the future.

Here is what it looks like in the back end of our tracking software:

I have blocked out some of the name for privacy reasons. Look where it says “Referred Affiliate.” This is hard coded into our MYSQL database. Even if the referral clears the cache of his cookies Leroy will still receive credit for anything his referral orders.

Originally the affiliate was tracked by cookies but once he signed up even for a free account this referral  is forever linked with the original referring affiliate.

With affiliate programs like Clickbank experienced marketers will often clear the cache of their browser and then just order from their own affiliate link.

We Do Not Allow Affiliates to Order From Their Own Affiliate Link. This Protects The Original Referring Affiliate.

With our affiliate program we do not allow affiliates to order from their own link. This helps protect the original affiliate.

Here are the 5 ways you can now earn affiliate commissions with the Classifiedsubmissions.com Affiliate Program.

1. Earn 50% Recurring Commissions From Monthly and Quarterly Packages

The monthly package for the ad posting service is now at $39.95 per month (May go up in the future) and the quarterly is $77. every 3 months. You get half of this. $19.97 per month commission for the monthly package and $38.50 commission every 3 months for the quarterly package.

This can really add up. There are some customers who have been ad posting service clients for years. 100x $19.97 is about $2000. per month. That is not bad for a recurring side income. I cannot guarantee that you will make this many sales but we do sell these packages every single day.

100 $19.97 Commissions on the Monthly Package Comes to About $2000. Per Month! Not Bad!

$39.95 per month is very reasonable for a hands off advertising package so this is very easy to sell. We sell this package every day.

2. Earn 50% One Time Commission on Yearly Orders ($98.50)

The yearly package for the ad posting service goes for $197. for an entire year of promotion. Your cut is a whopping $98.50 per sale. This is a great deal for the customer. This comes out to just $16.41 per month for daily ad posting  of their ad to 100’s of ad pages, + log in and text ads plus a custom image ad and bonus traffic. They save about $276. over the monthly ad posting service package and get the bonuses in addition to the savings.

It is a one time charge. The yearly option does not renew automatically. At first you might think why not make it recurring? The reason is that everybody forgets yearly subscriptions. Charging somebody $197. for something they forgot about does not make for good customer relations.

We Chose To Make The Yearly Option Non Recurring Because People Forget Yearly Subscriptions And It is Easier For You To Sell One Time Payments

Also, people are smart. They know about subscriptions. And more people will actually sign up for this option because it does not renew automatically. If they want to renew they can always do so and you, as the affiliate, will receive credit even if they order 1 year later.

3. Up to $148. in Commissions on Multiple Campaign Packages

Many customers have asked us for discounted ad posting service packages on running separate multiple campaigns at the same time. So we came up with a package which will allow customers to do just that. You can see the multiple campaign packages here.

The yearly option for the ad posting service multiple campaigns costs $297. for 2 yearly campaigns. If they ordered 2 yearly campaigns separately it would have cost $394. The customer is saving $97. and you receive a 50% commission of $148.

Just 2 $148. Commissions Per Day Comes to About $8880. Per Month!

2 $148. commissions per day comes out to $296. per day. Do this every day and we are talking about $8880. per month or $106,000 per year. We are not saying that you are going to make this much. So far nobody has. But the possibility is there.

Again, as with the single yearly package these packages do not renew. This is better for the customer and actually better for you because it is easier to sell non-renewing packages.

4. Earn 50% Recurring Commissions on Monthly And Quarterly Multiple Campaign Packages

The multiple monthly ad posting service campaign package goes for $59.95 per month. You get half of that which is $29.97 per month. 100 orders of the monthly would be $2997. per month. Again we do not guarantee this as this is up to your hard work and marketing skills.

The multiple campaign ad posting service quarterly package sells for $125. every 3 months. This is a recurring subscription. As an affiliate you will receive half of this at $62.50 every 3 months.

The customer is saving $29. over having to order 2 separate campaigns at full price ($77.)

5. Earn $100. Flat Fee Commission if Anybody Orders Their Own Classified Ad Website

We have set up a special program where we can set customers up with their very own classified ad website like TheFreeAdForum.com
We include an integration with their Aweber account so they can build their mailing list. This is a custom programming job that requires quite a bit of work and infrastructure.

You will earn a $100. commission for anybody who orders their own classified ad website from your referral link. See here to learn about this offer.

There you go. 5 ways to make money with Classifiedsubmissions.com Affiliate Program. We pay commissions once per month around the 24th of the month. You will be paid for all sales up to the 1st of the month. So there is about a 3 week lag to account for any refunds.

We can pay you directly to your bank account, Paypal, Wise.com, Zelle, Venmo and Skrill. We accept affiliate from all over the world.

You can sign up directly for our affiliate program here.

You can learn more about the affiliate program here.

You can get banners, sales letters and promo material here.

The fastest way to get started is simply to join the program and send out an email to your list and post to all your social media followers.

If you have any questions let us know we are here to help.

Wishing You Much Success!

Matthew May