5 Ways to Get More Affiliate Sales With Classifiedsubmissions.com 2020

Here are 5 ways to get more affiliate sales with Classifiedsubmissions.com. If you have not yet signed up for our affiliate program you may do so here.   These affiliate tips can be applied to any program you are promoting not just for Classifiedsubmissions.com.


Affiliate Marketing Tip#1- Send a Solo Email to Your List

  1. The fastest way to get more affiliate sales is to send a solo email to your own list of opt in subscribers. I get sales almost every time I send an email to my list. You need to have credibility so make sure you are promoting a product or service that you believe in.These subscribers must have opted into YOUR specific email list.They cannot be lists you purchase or rent. You need to build your own list. If you are not building your own list you are missing out on one of the most effective marketing methods.It is usually a good idea to give people an incentive to join your list. Here is an article which shows you how to give away our free software to build your list: Visit here.Here is an article on how to build your own dead simple landing page/squeeze page. You will need an email management system/autoresponder. The simplest system I use is Aweber.

    If you already have your own list you can get solo emails swipes to send to your list for Classifiedsubmissions.com here.

    Affiliate Marketing Tip #2- Create an Autoresponder Drip Series Using Our Done For You Emails


    2. Create an autoresponder drip series using emails promoting the affiliate program. Drip campaigns send timed emails every few days to your subscribers. They opt in once and say every 4 or 5 days  the autoresponder they get emails promoting the affiliate program.

    This is extremely effective! I have made tens of thousands of dollars using this system. I have created a pre-made set of autoresponder messages that you can use to promote Classifiedsubmissions.com that you can download email swipes promoting the Classifiedsubmissions affiliate program here.

    Just add your affiliate link to each message and upload your affiliate messages to your autoresponder system.

    Affiliate Marketing Tip #3- Give Away Our Free Re-brandable Ebook to Your List and Social Media Following

    3. Give away our free re-brandable ebook to your list and your social media following. We have created an ebook called: “11 Proven Techniques To Get More Sales From Classified Ads.” You can replace the links to Classifiedsubmissions.com and Coolmarketingsoftware.com with you affiliate links for those program.

    The easy online re-brander will re-brand the ebook in a few seconds with your affiliate links. Then give away the ebook and if anybody orders you will receive commissions.

    The advantage of this technique is that you are offering valuable information to your prospects and you are not just trying to sell them something. It is a soft sell. Your prospects perceive this as receiving valuable free information. You can get your re-brand your copy of the ebook here.

    Affiliate Marketing Tip #4- Start Your Own Blog or Website

    4. Start your own blog or website. Even if you are promoting affiliate programs you need your own blog or website with your own domain name. Having your own blog or website is a great way to build your own audience. You can put your autoresponder subscribe forms on your blog and people and subscribe to your autoresponder series.

    You can get your own domain name and web hosting account here.

    What do you write about? Chronicle your own marketing journey. Again people are looking for authenticity. You can use your blog to increase your audience, embed your YouTube videos, and build your list.

    Affiliate Marketing Tip #5- Contact People Who Are Already Spending Money on Advertising

    5. Contact people who are already advertising. What better audience to promote a classified ad service than people who are already advertising. You can contact people who are placing ads on classified ad sites already or even those who are buying expensive advertising in your local area.

    Do not just spam your affiliate link in comments or contact forms. Ask permission to contact the person about additional promotion first without your affiliate link. They can message you back if they are interested and you can start a dialog. Try to develop a relationship with the person.

    Do not just repeat the same pitch over and over. Make your contact personal. Show them you actually saw their ad and that you understand their niche. Then if they are interested in learning more you can send them your affiliate link.

    These tips should give you some ideas to get started. There are many more ways to generate affiliate sales. If you do not know where to start just pick one technique and give it a shot.

    You can learn more about our affiliate program here.

    You can get banners and promo material here.