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How One of Our Top Affiliates Has Earned 414 Commissions Using Herculist (Herculist Review)

How One of Our Top Affiliates Has Earned 414 Commissions Using Herculist

I was going through the stats on the Classified Submissions affiliate program to find out how my top affiliates are generating commissions. This is a screenshot from the affiliate stats page of an affiliate who has consistently earned affiliate commissions:

There are pages and pages of stats like this. This affiliate has earned 414 commissions so far.

One Affiliate Has Earned 414 Commissions and Herculist is One of His Primary Traffic Sources

I had tried Herculist before and found it a bit awkward to navigate. I still have a membership. However, it seems like Herculist is capable of driving solid traffic and conversions for the make money from home market and advertising for the work from home market.

So let’s look at how you can use Herculist to generate affiliate commissions.

Herculist is basically a credit safelist and advertising exchange.  Herculist also provides the opportunity to purchase solo ads. Here are some of your options to get traffic to your affiliate link with Herculist:

Herculist Advertising Method #1 . Send Out Solo Mailing Using The Credit and Regular Mailer

If you come is as gold member you can send your ad out every day using the regular mailer. They say the list 282,104. I believe they have a list that big. I do not believe they are going to send your ad out every day to a list that size.

But this is not a problem. They still are going to send your ad out to a reasonable number of people for what you paid. And you can send your ad out every day.

Then there is the credit mailer. The credit mailer is more effective than the  regular mailer. With the credit mailer recipients receive a link they can click to visit your website. If they click the credit link and visit your website for a certain amount of time then they receive credits.

They can use these credits to send out their own credit mailer.

What I like about the credit mailer is that for sure you will get eyeballs. Sure they just clicked to get the credits but if you have a very strong offer that appeals to the work from home audience then some people will click and even buy.

Keep in mind I am reviewing this source because one of my affiliates has made 414 sales using this as one of his main sources of traffic!

The catch is that you have to have enough credits to send out a mailing. You need 500 credits minimum to send out a credit mailing. You earn the credits by viewing other people’s ads for 5 seconds if you are a gold member, 15 seconds for free and lower tiered memberships.

You can earn credits by clicking links in credit emails, viewing “blurbs” and just viewing ads. The timer goes quickly and you can rack up credits very quickly.

Herculist Advertising Method #2 -Log In Ads And Solo Emails

You can also just purchase advertising from Herculist. One option is the log in ad. Your full page landing page will be displayed to everyone who logs into Herculist for a certain amount of time. Say 12-48 hours.

Herculist Advertising Method #3 Contact Email Solo Email Packages

Contact email solo email packages are different than using the regular mailer and credit mailer. These are solo emails to the CONTACT emails of their members. These emails are not bombarded with advertising messages like the LIST emails. You will get a much better response sending a solo email to the CONTACT email rather than the LIST email.

Herculist boasts a contact list of over 80,000 members.

Herculist Advertising Method #4 HercuBlurbs

You can also purchase what they call “Blurbs.” They look like this:

Blurbs are sprinkled around the site. Members are incentivized to click on the blurbs with credits. Yes, Herculist is a bit of a circular firing squad but hey it works!

The Best Way to Approach Incentivized Traffic

People on these sites are deluded with work from home offers. It is very hard to stand out from the crowd. But what do all these people want? More traffic, more exposure. So why not promote exactly what they want?

1. Give away something for free that appeals to marketers
2. Have an simple opt in form with everything above the fold (No scrolling.) You only have a few seconds to grab their attention.
3. Your opt in form should subscribe them to an email follow up series promoting your offers.

Luckily for you we everything set up already for you as our affiliate.

Here is a landing page where we offer $597. of marketing software for free:

If you want to receive credit as an affiliate use this link:

When your prospects join our newsletter we set a cookie with your affiliate id. We then send out our follow up messages day after day. No matter what the prospect orders even if it is months later YOU get CREDIT!

Our follow up system works for you.

So all you have to do is promote this link:

You can sign up for Herculist here.

Here is a solo email you can use to send out daily to Herculist members:


Subject:[[firstname]], Download $597. of Pro Marketing Software Free!


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Here is the direct link:

Join Newsletter 2

Much Success,

Your Name
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If you have not joined our affiliate program you may do so for free here.

Once you have your affiliate id then you can sign up for Herculist here.

Then make sure you log in everyday to send out your ads. Subscribe to our newsletter and our YouTube channel to make sure you know about other traffic sources that have proven successful for my affiliates.

We are going to be analyzing what works and then telling you how to duplicate this success!


Matthew May