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How to Make Affiliate Commissions Without A Website or List

No list no website no problem!

In this video I am going to show you how to start earning affiliate commissions even if you do not have a website or list.

Many people asked how to get started. Here is a strategy.

1. First make sure you are signed up as an affiliate for

You can sign up here:

You will get an affiliate link something link this:

2. Then go to:

Where is says “Enter your registered affiliate “username” well, enter your username for Then click submit.

This will populate all the banners and sales letters with your exact affiliate link.

We are going to be using the sales letters down below.

3. Now I want you to sign up for these 3 safelists:

European Safelist:


Safelists allow you to send our your sales letter to a list of subscribers who have agreed to receive your offers.

The great thing about safelists is that all these people are looking for more traffic to their offers. And that is exactly what we offer at!

I suggest starting with Europeansafelist.

4. Copy and paste one of the letters from our affiliate tools section into the credit mailer.

Personalize with your information.

5. Put your affiliate link in the credit mailer area.

6. Then click send. That is it!

Some safelists allow you to post every day. Others every 3 days.

In any case I suggest posting every day.

You can also use a different letter every day.

Our affiliate tools section has over 7 sales letters for you to use.

The key is to do this for one month consistently.

Just posting one email then waiting for results is a losing strategy. Give yourself at least one month of consistent promotion before evaluating this method.

You can log into your affiliate tools section and see your visitors. There are even ways using keywords to track where the visitors come from.

Do not limit this strategy with just these safelists. Research and find other ones that people are doing well with.

This strategy is just to get you started. Do not wait until everything is perfect.

Get going with this and stay subscribed to both our newsletter and YouTube channel.

We will be giving you more tutorials in future emails and videos.

I can’t wait to start sending you commissions!

Matthew May

How One of Our Top Affiliates Has Earned 414 Commissions Using Herculist (Herculist Review)

How One of Our Top Affiliates Has Earned 414 Commissions Using Herculist

I was going through the stats on the Classified Submissions affiliate program to find out how my top affiliates are generating commissions. This is a screenshot from the affiliate stats page of an affiliate who has consistently earned affiliate commissions:

There are pages and pages of stats like this. This affiliate has earned 414 commissions so far.

One Affiliate Has Earned 414 Commissions and Herculist is One of His Primary Traffic Sources

I had tried Herculist before and found it a bit awkward to navigate. I still have a membership. However, it seems like Herculist is capable of driving solid traffic and conversions for the make money from home market and advertising for the work from home market.

So let’s look at how you can use Herculist to generate affiliate commissions.

Herculist is basically a credit safelist and advertising exchange.  Herculist also provides the opportunity to purchase solo ads. Here are some of your options to get traffic to your affiliate link with Herculist:

Herculist Advertising Method #1 . Send Out Solo Mailing Using The Credit and Regular Mailer

If you come is as gold member you can send your ad out every day using the regular mailer. They say the list 282,104. I believe they have a list that big. I do not believe they are going to send your ad out every day to a list that size.

But this is not a problem. They still are going to send your ad out to a reasonable number of people for what you paid. And you can send your ad out every day.

Then there is the credit mailer. The credit mailer is more effective than the  regular mailer. With the credit mailer recipients receive a link they can click to visit your website. If they click the credit link and visit your website for a certain amount of time then they receive credits.

They can use these credits to send out their own credit mailer.

What I like about the credit mailer is that for sure you will get eyeballs. Sure they just clicked to get the credits but if you have a very strong offer that appeals to the work from home audience then some people will click and even buy.

Keep in mind I am reviewing this source because one of my affiliates has made 414 sales using this as one of his main sources of traffic!

The catch is that you have to have enough credits to send out a mailing. You need 500 credits minimum to send out a credit mailing. You earn the credits by viewing other people’s ads for 5 seconds if you are a gold member, 15 seconds for free and lower tiered memberships.

You can earn credits by clicking links in credit emails, viewing “blurbs” and just viewing ads. The timer goes quickly and you can rack up credits very quickly.

Herculist Advertising Method #2 -Log In Ads And Solo Emails

You can also just purchase advertising from Herculist. One option is the log in ad. Your full page landing page will be displayed to everyone who logs into Herculist for a certain amount of time. Say 12-48 hours.

Herculist Advertising Method #3 Contact Email Solo Email Packages

Contact email solo email packages are different than using the regular mailer and credit mailer. These are solo emails to the CONTACT emails of their members. These emails are not bombarded with advertising messages like the LIST emails. You will get a much better response sending a solo email to the CONTACT email rather than the LIST email.

Herculist boasts a contact list of over 80,000 members.

Herculist Advertising Method #4 HercuBlurbs

You can also purchase what they call “Blurbs.” They look like this:

Blurbs are sprinkled around the site. Members are incentivized to click on the blurbs with credits. Yes, Herculist is a bit of a circular firing squad but hey it works!

The Best Way to Approach Incentivized Traffic

People on these sites are deluded with work from home offers. It is very hard to stand out from the crowd. But what do all these people want? More traffic, more exposure. So why not promote exactly what they want?

1. Give away something for free that appeals to marketers
2. Have an simple opt in form with everything above the fold (No scrolling.) You only have a few seconds to grab their attention.
3. Your opt in form should subscribe them to an email follow up series promoting your offers.

Luckily for you we everything set up already for you as our affiliate.

Here is a landing page where we offer $597. of marketing software for free:

If you want to receive credit as an affiliate use this link:

When your prospects join our newsletter we set a cookie with your affiliate id. We then send out our follow up messages day after day. No matter what the prospect orders even if it is months later YOU get CREDIT!

Our follow up system works for you.

So all you have to do is promote this link:

You can sign up for Herculist here.

Here is a solo email you can use to send out daily to Herculist members:


Subject:[[firstname]], Download $597. of Pro Marketing Software Free!


Hi [[firstname]],

I have an incredible offer for you and it
will not cost you a dime!

We are giving away $597. of pro
marketing software for free!

See here to download 7 pro marketing/seo
software absolutely free!

This is fully functional pro software
that you can use forever for free!

This is not limited free trial type software.

This custom programmed innovative software
should be selling for hundreds of dollars but
we decided to give it to you for free.

All we ask is that you share this incredible
offer on your favorite social media.

See here to download $597 of pro marketing
software for free now!

This offer will not stay up forever so come and
get it while you can!

Put your wallet away. The software is at 100% no cost!

Here is the direct link:

Join Newsletter 2

Much Success,

Your Name
Your Postal Address


If you have not joined our affiliate program you may do so for free here.

Once you have your affiliate id then you can sign up for Herculist here.

Then make sure you log in everyday to send out your ads. Subscribe to our newsletter and our YouTube channel to make sure you know about other traffic sources that have proven successful for my affiliates.

We are going to be analyzing what works and then telling you how to duplicate this success!


Matthew May




The Most Effective Way to Advertise With


The mosft effective way to advertise with is to use a landing page/squeeze page with an opt in form which leads to an autoresponder rather than directing people to your main web page.

For an autoresponder/landing page creator see

See here for a full tutorial both video and written with pictures and step by step instructions on How to Set Up A Landing Page Cheaply Quickly and Effectively.

You Only Have A Few Seconds To Grab Your Prospects Attention With Classified Ads And to Get Them to Take One Specific Action.

You only have a few seconds to catch somebody’s attention with a classified ad. If you overwhelm your prospect with too many options and information they will just click away and you will never see them again.

Give Your Prospects Too Many Choices and Too Much Info And They Will Click Away And Never Come Back!

If you go for the sale right away your prospect will either buy on the spot or never come back. It has been proven that prospects generally need 7 follows before they start buying.

It Has Been Proven That Prospects Need At Least 7 Follow Ups Before Buying So Start Following Up!

Is is much better to send your prospect to a squeeze page with just one goal of getting the prospect to give you his name and email. Or better yet just ask for email only.

The More Info You Ask For The Less Opt Ins You Get. Forget About Asking for Phone Numbers, Making Prospects Click Mulitiple Links, Long Forms With Lots of Questions Just Go For Email or Name and Email.

Then your autoresponder can follow up over and over with credibility building information. Even if you are promoting affiliate links like Clickbank links. You can use sales letters for your various affiliate products as follow up letters in your autoresponder series.

After You Get The Prospect’s Email You Can Follow Up Over and Over. You Will Have MULTIPLE Chances to Make Sales Not Just One.

They probably already have sales letters for you. And get prospects to join YOUR newsletter. Then if you change programs later you can always use that list to promote other others.

Here is a video tutorial on how to set up a landing page quick and cheap using Aweber autoresponder service:

We also have a step by step written tutorial here.

The important thing is to just get started. Do not worry about being perfect. You will get better as you go.

We would like to invite you to join our affiliate program. If is free to join and we pay 50% recurring commissions. Our service is improving all the time and is a very hot seller. We have paid out 10’s of thousands of dollars to affiliates. See here to learn more about our affiliate program.

Much Success,

Matthew May

How to Make a Landing Page for Free Using Aweber Autoresponder Service


Using a landing page rather than a complicated website, no matter how well made, can be one of the most effective ways to advertise on initial contact.

Prospects are bombarded with competing advertising. Most people just click off a website never to return if you cannot focus your attention and take action.

Focusing your prospect on just one action you want him to take can increase your chances for a sale.

If the entire goal of your ad is to get the prospect to subscribe you then have the chance to follow up over and over building a relationship with the contact.

The problem is that many people find that creating and hosting landing pages is simply too complicated and expensive.

Using Aweber autoresponder service you can create a dead simple, yet effective landing for free for the first 30 days then just $19. per month after that.

This includes hosting of your autoresponder form as well. So there is no need for your own web hosting account though this is always good to have your own domain and hosting account as well.

Please see the video above for instructions on how to create your own landing page and autoresponder follow up series in less than 30 minutes.

Step 1. Sign up for a 30 day free trial account with Aweber here.

Ste 2. Log into your account and click on “Manage Lists.”

Step 3. Click “Create List.”

How to make a landing page create list Aweber

Step 4. Fill in your list details including list name, website if you have one, your mailing address and your list name.

How to set up a landing page with Aweber

Step 5. Approve your confirmation message. When contacts subscribe to your newsletter they will receive a confirmation email. They must click on the link in the confirmation email to subscribe to your newsletter. This is called confirmed opt in. You can modify this confirmation letter  during this step.

How to make a landing page with Aweber


Click “Approve” and move to the next step.

Step 6. Create your messages.

how to create a landing page with Aweber


Step 7 Choose html or plain text.

how to create a landing page with Aweber

Step 8. Type in your title and message and click save and exit.

how to create a landing page with aweber

Step 9. Click “add to follow up series”

how to create a landing page with Aweber

Step 9. Keep adding messages to the follow up series spacing them 4 days apart.

how to create a landing page with aweber space them 4 days


Step 10. Continue to ad more messages spacing them 4 days apart. We would suggest a minimum of 3. You can add more later. You need to get started right away collecting emails.

Congratulations! You have created a list. Now it is time to create your landing page and start collecting emails.

Step 10. Creating your landing page. Click on Sign Up Forms.

how to create a landing page with aweber click sign up forms

Step 11. Click “Create Sign Up Form”

Step 12. Choose a Template:

how to create a landing page with aweber choose template

Step 13. Modify the form to your needs.

Step 15. Click Save Form Then Click “Go to Step 2.”

Step 16. Leave the settings as is or modify to suite your needs. You can change the url people are directed to after subscribing to your website if you have one. If not just leave everything as is and it will work fine.

how to create a landing page with aweber settings


Step 16. Copy and paste your landing page url. Aweber will give you a specific url which has your custom landing page that you can use as your website to promote. Click save your form Go to Step 3.

how to create a landing page with aweber get your aweber landing page url

That is it! Now you can promote your url and get opt ins to your autoresponder and build your list. Go ahead and get started and let us know how it goes! Do not try to be perfect just take action! You will get better as you go!