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How to Get Unlimited Free Advertising Credits on 30+ Websites

You can now get unlimited advertising credits on and 30+ other advertising websites.

Now you can earn credits by viewing other people’s ads on . Then you can use the credits to purchase ad upgrades to make YOUR ads Premium. As a bonus the ads you are viewing are the other Premium ads.

So if you upgrade your ads to Premium, your ads will be displayed in the credits viewer as well. This will give you even more exposure to your ads. You never have to pay for the upgrades. You just need to view some ads, get some credits, then use some credits from you wallet to pay for upgrades.

Here are all the websites where you can view ads for credits.

How to Make Affiliate Commissions Without A Website or List

No list no website no problem!

In this video I am going to show you how to start earning affiliate commissions even if you do not have a website or list.

Many people asked how to get started. Here is a strategy.

1. First make sure you are signed up as an affiliate for

You can sign up here:

You will get an affiliate link something link this:

2. Then go to:

Where is says “Enter your registered affiliate “username” well, enter your username for Then click submit.

This will populate all the banners and sales letters with your exact affiliate link.

We are going to be using the sales letters down below.

3. Now I want you to sign up for these 3 safelists:

European Safelist:


Safelists allow you to send our your sales letter to a list of subscribers who have agreed to receive your offers.

The great thing about safelists is that all these people are looking for more traffic to their offers. And that is exactly what we offer at!

I suggest starting with Europeansafelist.

4. Copy and paste one of the letters from our affiliate tools section into the credit mailer.

Personalize with your information.

5. Put your affiliate link in the credit mailer area.

6. Then click send. That is it!

Some safelists allow you to post every day. Others every 3 days.

In any case I suggest posting every day.

You can also use a different letter every day.

Our affiliate tools section has over 7 sales letters for you to use.

The key is to do this for one month consistently.

Just posting one email then waiting for results is a losing strategy. Give yourself at least one month of consistent promotion before evaluating this method.

You can log into your affiliate tools section and see your visitors. There are even ways using keywords to track where the visitors come from.

Do not limit this strategy with just these safelists. Research and find other ones that people are doing well with.

This strategy is just to get you started. Do not wait until everything is perfect.

Get going with this and stay subscribed to both our newsletter and YouTube channel.

We will be giving you more tutorials in future emails and videos.

I can’t wait to start sending you commissions!

Matthew May