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How to Get Unlimited Free Advertising Credits on 30+ Websites

You can now get unlimited advertising credits on and 30+ other advertising websites.

Now you can earn credits by viewing other people’s ads on . Then you can use the credits to purchase ad upgrades to make YOUR ads Premium. As a bonus the ads you are viewing are the other Premium ads.

So if you upgrade your ads to Premium, your ads will be displayed in the credits viewer as well. This will give you even more exposure to your ads. You never have to pay for the upgrades. You just need to view some ads, get some credits, then use some credits from you wallet to pay for upgrades.

Here are all the websites where you can view ads for credits.

How to Make $200. Commission Selling “Get Your Own Classified Ad Website”

We are now offering to set people up with their own Classified Ad Website.

This package sells for $597. and is packed with value. Customers get their own website that we help them promote.

Customers get all the money from upgrades, it integrates with their Aweber account to build their list and since they own the site they can even sell the website later for big bucks.

See here to view the sales page:

Here is a video which describes this offer in detail:

Now we are offering to pay you $200. affiliate commissions for every sale you make from your referral link who purchases their own classified ad website!

Not only will we pay you $200 affiliates commissions for this package but if your referrals order of our other packages you will receive commissions on these as well!

Here is the link you use to promote this offer:

(Note: You can promote any page on our website by simply adding ?ref=youraffiliateid at the end of the page link.)

You must first, of course, be a member of our affiliate program. You can join for free here.

Simply replace “youraffiliateid” with your actual affiliate id.

Here is a sales letter you can send to your list of post on social media promoting the “Get Your Own Classified Ad Website” program.


Sample Headlines:

Get Your Own Classified Ad Website-You Keep All The Money!
Get Your Own Classified Ad Website- Non Stop Lead Machine!
Your Own Classified Ad Website Completely Set Up For You!

Ad Body:

Dear Firstname,

My friend Matt has created a 6 figure business running free advertising websites.
See here to learn more:

We can now set up you with a website just like his.

This is not an affiliate site. You own it, it is your domain, you keep all the money.

We will integrate your website the same type of opt in system which is generating 1000’s of leads every month
for us.

We will set the site up to send all ad upgrade money directly to your Paypal and/or Stripe account.

We will even help you promote the site by including it
in the roster of sites we submit to  with

Plus we will send an email to our list introducing your new site.

Please visit here to learn more about this unique offer:

Much Success,

Your Name
Your Postal Address


One sale per day is $200×7= $1400. per week! =$5600. per month!

We cannot promise that you will make this much but just a few sales really adds up when you have $200.

Plus you can confidently recommend this product because all those who sign up get sales and opt in subscribers.

You can log in and get banners coded already to your affiliate link here.

Here are some banners that you can download and put on your blogs and websites:




We also encourage you to make YouTube and TikTok videos on this offer. You can use the material from the sales page here.
Then put your affiliate link in the description and in a pinned comment on the videos.

If you are already an affiliate you can log into your affiliate account here.

You can learn more about our classified ad affiliate program here.

The Most Effective Way to Advertise With


The mosft effective way to advertise with is to use a landing page/squeeze page with an opt in form which leads to an autoresponder rather than directing people to your main web page.

For an autoresponder/landing page creator see

See here for a full tutorial both video and written with pictures and step by step instructions on How to Set Up A Landing Page Cheaply Quickly and Effectively.

You Only Have A Few Seconds To Grab Your Prospects Attention With Classified Ads And to Get Them to Take One Specific Action.

You only have a few seconds to catch somebody’s attention with a classified ad. If you overwhelm your prospect with too many options and information they will just click away and you will never see them again.

Give Your Prospects Too Many Choices and Too Much Info And They Will Click Away And Never Come Back!

If you go for the sale right away your prospect will either buy on the spot or never come back. It has been proven that prospects generally need 7 follows before they start buying.

It Has Been Proven That Prospects Need At Least 7 Follow Ups Before Buying So Start Following Up!

Is is much better to send your prospect to a squeeze page with just one goal of getting the prospect to give you his name and email. Or better yet just ask for email only.

The More Info You Ask For The Less Opt Ins You Get. Forget About Asking for Phone Numbers, Making Prospects Click Mulitiple Links, Long Forms With Lots of Questions Just Go For Email or Name and Email.

Then your autoresponder can follow up over and over with credibility building information. Even if you are promoting affiliate links like Clickbank links. You can use sales letters for your various affiliate products as follow up letters in your autoresponder series.

After You Get The Prospect’s Email You Can Follow Up Over and Over. You Will Have MULTIPLE Chances to Make Sales Not Just One.

They probably already have sales letters for you. And get prospects to join YOUR newsletter. Then if you change programs later you can always use that list to promote other others.

Here is a video tutorial on how to set up a landing page quick and cheap using Aweber autoresponder service:

We also have a step by step written tutorial here.

The important thing is to just get started. Do not worry about being perfect. You will get better as you go.

We would like to invite you to join our affiliate program. If is free to join and we pay 50% recurring commissions. Our service is improving all the time and is a very hot seller. We have paid out 10’s of thousands of dollars to affiliates. See here to learn more about our affiliate program.

Much Success,

Matthew May

List of Most Popular Classified Ad Sites That Accept Biz Opps and Affiliate Marketing Ads! See the link above to view the list of sites where you submit your ad. This site has over 42,000 members and ads are being posted every few minutes. Ads on this site get views! We use html ads to create clickable links, we can embed your YouTube videos, photos and affiliate links. We post ads in all of the major US cities. Ads stay live for 90 days!– Super high traffic sites. Ads stay live for 90 days. Clickable links, Embedded YouTube Videos, photos, and affiliate links are posted here to all major US cities. Your ads are continually posted to keep them at the top.– Ads stay live 90 days. We post continually to all major US cities (500+!) Non stop promotion. Clickable links, affiliate links, we will embed your YouTube video. Thousands of ads are posted each month to this site. members not only have their ad posted to all US cities in their category but their ads are in rotation on the home page and on EVERY page of this site in a special PRO members featured section! Classifieds– This site used to be an Article Directory with over 1 million members! Super old domain with lots of credibility in Google. Your ads stay live here 90 days. We included your keywords so Google can find your ads on this High Page Rank authority site! Free Classifieds– is a great place to reserve domain names and you can also place your free ad on this authority sites. 1000’s of ads posted each month. Ads stay live. Clickable do follow links. Your ad is continually posted in all US cities on this busy site until you ask us to stop. Classified Advertising- Ads stay live 90 days. Your ad featured on every page including the homepage as long as you are subscribed. Your ads are posted to every US city (500+) continually to keep your ads at the top. Classifieds– Get leads for your business at classifieds. Ads are live 90 days. Your ad featured on every page. Old domain which Google loves. Your ads can easily be found in Google when on this site. Lots of natural traffic!

Lead Club Classified Ads– High quality site with great SEO. Ads stay live 90 days. Clickable links, YouTube video embed, keywords, affiliate links and your ad featured in rotation on every page on top of non stop submissions to all major US cities.– Great site for legal and financial services ads. We post your ad to all major US cities. Ads stay live for 90 days.

​– High traffic bustling classified advertising sites. Ads are live for 90 days. We post 100’s of ads all month for you on this quality site.– Your ad posted to 500+ cities on this site each month. ad posted on 500+ pages monthly on this site. Great backlinks. Get found in Google and get more traffic to your website/landing page. We will even embed your YouTube videos and affiliate links. Ads are live for 90 days before rotating off. We continually replace the expiring ads.​

Big Daddy Ads

Cash Machine ads

Coin Rush Ads

Cyber Gypsy Ads

Fast Cash Ads

Groovy Free Ads

Live Free Ads

Quick Post Ads

Red Hot Classifieds

Six Figure Classifieds

Win Big Ads

Digital Nomad Ads

Laptop Life Style Ads

Funky Free Ads

Viral Classified Ads

Groovy Free Ads

Affiliate Classified Ads

Make Money Do Nothing Classified Ads

Side Hustle Classified Ads

We submit multiple ads on 30+ different classified ad sites. Many of them we submit 500+ ads on all US cities in your category. In addition we upgrade your ad on 10 sites (A $50 value) so that your ads stay stuck to the top of your category while the free ads rotate down. In addition we will submit your site to 500+ blogs and web 2.0 properties.

This is our private network of blogs. These are permanent links and can help get your site found in Google.

We recommend that you get your own domain name for this. Even if you are just promoting affiliate links. You can get your own domain name here: If you choose the yearly option we will upgrade your ad on 30 sites! This is a $165. value.

Plus you save money on the monthly membership. Refer 2 people who also choose the yearly membership and then you can pay for your yearly membership entirely yourself from your affiliate commissions making your membership free for one year!

You can learn more about our affiliate program here:

Same video as above on Facebook. This is a list of the top 10 classified ad sites that accept affiliate marketing ads ranked by Alexa.

Customer Ads May 2016

I have decided to do blog posts showing some of the customer ads that we created for the month of May. Not only do you mass submit your ads but we also can create a beautiful custom image ad for you that you can use for our promotions as well as any others you do. We create these image ads from the text on your ad and on your website.

Sign up to have us promote your ad and we can include your ad on our monthly blog post. We also send this blog post to our entire list of over 10,000 subscribers so you are sure to get some good exposure. This is just a bonus for being a customer of To have us start promoting your ads see here.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not looking at their competitors ads. You can look at both what you think they are doing right and what you think they to have improve upon. Please take a look at the offers of our customers. Let us know your comments in the comments section.

Please check out our customer ads below. Sign up for our service and we will post your ad on our blog next month:

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My Exact Results With Classified Ad Marketing

Does classified ad marketing work? Let’s find out for sure. I just ran a campaign and I tracked it with my own affiliate tracking system. Here are the results.

On just one submission and one campaign (we submit multiple times per month with our service but this was just one submission that I tracked) I received 164 raw clicks and 134 unique clicks. All this means is that 134 unique people clicked on my ad and went to my site. A few people clicked the link twice which accounts for the raw clicks.

Out of the 134 unique clicks I made 2 sales and recruited 1 affiliate who made 1 sale. The Total Cost Of The Classified Ad Campaign was $40.

Out of the 134 unique clicks I made 2 sales and recruited 1 affiliate who made 1 sale. The program I am promoting earns me about $40. per month recurring income. I pay 50% commissions so the affiliate sale gets me about $20. per month income. So for one classified submissions I have made $90. with the possibility of making $90. per month as long as people keep the service. If the customers keep the service for 3 months this comes to $270. for one submissions. Since I am charging $40. per month for my service I am easily making money from classified advertising.

Stats for classified ads campaign

Classified ad marketing stats

Compare this to my Google Adwords campaign promoting the same program. I spent approximately $700. I received 2567 clicks and I made 3 sales and recruited 3 affiliates. I had almost the same results for $700. spent with Google and I did for $40. for one month of classified advertising. Yes, classified advertising works.

Google campaign stats

Google Adwords campaign stats.

With My Google Adwords Campaign I Spent $700. Received 2567 Clicks and I Made 3 sales and Recruited 3 Affiliates

Here are some things to consider. My website is strong, offers a unique selling proposition, I have follow up autoresponders and I capture my visitor’s email addresses. I offer an affiliate program so I can further monetize my advertising by recruiting affiliates who can keep bringing me traffic and sales. My program also is a recurring paying program. I keep getting paid for just one customer. I can afford to spend some money on advertising because each customer can potentially give me long term income. In addition since I have a pop up which captures my visitor’s email addresses I am getting subscribers to my newsletter. I can promote the original service to the newsletter and/or I can promote other related products or services. Some people estimate that subscribers are worth at least $1. each

So yes, classified advertising works, but take a look a what you are promoting. You should be promoting something that truly offers long term value for both you and your customer.